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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Sebetulnya Aku ingin memberikan alasan logis atas pertanyaan itu,
                 Tapi sayangnya tidak pernah yang logis dalam masalah perasaan"

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Here I got this netbook borrowed from my friends. It was accidentally because I don’t have a laptop for now and I thankful for him to borrow me this one. Eventhough I was happy borrowed by him I was not very enjoying using this one. It was so hot, and the keyboard is so small.with my big fingers I can’t write well because my hands doesn’t get used to it, I usally use the usual QWERTY keyboard which is fit in my finger and I can type with it very fast without even see. Using this kind of keyboard, I think my writing speed cut to half. Next to the netbook is my external hard drive

This was actually my laptop Hard drive and it was bought by my sibling in japan. I was love the laptop so much but it ended broke In two years because the motherboard has a failure on production and I don’t get any refunds. This hard drive was 150 GB in capacity and it originally Hitachi made in Thailand If I wasn’t wrong. Now I take it from my previous laptop and made it my own personal external hard drive which not very big, but with very good performance and capacity.

Hmm I got no many ideas to write so I will write about the SBY picture that mr. Riyadi mention earlier. It was  normal size picture of our president on the conference room scale. One thing that interesting in the picture is I think SBY’s smile in the picture is not as happy as the smile compared with the previous photo when he was with JK as the vice president. I don’t know, may be he get stressed or maybe he was sad broke up with JK.

More thing to describe I think my friends here beside me. His name is hijjaz and he was my junior in IAAS and faculty. He study in the same faculty with me but we separated aaway because of the more organic faculty placed in Fapet. Actually he was weird and sometimes made a bad joke or something, but he was still one of my friends

As stated in the previous freewriting session I liked this microphone very much, it looked lke the one those big people on the parliament uses and it looks pretty cool with volume control, the on-off button and others made this thing look expensive. I know those foreigner on the front would think that Indonesian is weird if they know that I get excited sitting in this room with this fancy microphone. Haha


this is my writing on the Jakartapost Workshop and we asked to write opinion writing, and here it is :

Many visitors of Pangandaran beach getting scared when monkeys try to steal their belonging. One of the visitors who bring plastic bag shocked when five long tailed monkeys approached her and snatch the bag. Long tailed monkey (Macaca fascicularis) is a common monkey lived in many place in tropical areas in Indonesia like Pangandaran beach. They was originally a shy creature like others primate. They eat like any normal primates, like nuts, fruits, and even bugs.
But if they were shy, why these animals steal from human? The truth is human itself is the main problem. Many people loves animal because sometimes they are cute, they rarely seen on the city, and people just love giving food to it. That is how these animals become inhabituated with human and start to react with people who bring plastic bag as they get used to given food by the ‘plastic man’.
Monkey has bigger brain volume compared to other animal. This is why they can easily learn things and trained by human. Untrained monkey is also a good learner. They used to get food by human and when they do not get it, they just ask for it or in their case take it.
This is what happens when you don’t obey the rules in the zoo and the conservation areas. People often to blame on the site manager and sue them for their own fault. Being generous is good but not for this case. Sometimes getting animal spoiled is good but pick the right animal. So why bother giving them food when they can get their own? Sometimes things are meant to be how it supposed to be.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1 tahun sudah berlalu, semua perjuangan itu sudah selesai.
semua keringat yang bercucuran kini sudah mengukir semua dengan baik
semua air mata yang menetes kini sudah melukis semua dengan indah
semua amarah, emosi, serta kesabaran yang seakan tanpa ada batasnya itu memberi rasa yang indah.

pedasnya cerita mungkin sering terdengar
kata yang salah sering terlontar
rasa panas dan semua kekesalan itulah yang membuat semuanya terasa manis

terasa manis saat semuanya berakhir.

Mungkin tanpa itu semua, acara ini tidak akan pernah ada,
Mungkin tanpa ada acara ini, tidak akan ada rasa saling menyayangi dan kekeluargaan diantara kita.

Love you IAAS LC IPB
Think Globally Act Locally

WOCO 2010
Promoting Indonesia


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